Tuesday, November 8, 2016

PNR status in Kolkata railways and its advantages

Passenger Name Record status is abbreviated as PNR status in Indian railways system. it is basically a Database that monitors and maintains all the query and data of the Indian railways and their passengers personal and booking history. This is a largest government system to maintain the database of all the users in India. Hence it becomes a little difficult to maintain from single server hence reports are generated zone wise in the Indian railways. In the west zone Kolkata railways check out all the booking history and hold the control of west zonal database information. PNR status is highly affected by the Indian population and hence some alphanumeric codes are attached to the record just to segregate the abundance and reducing the complexity with easy zonal wise searching and maintenance.

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There are many functions that are managed by the Passenger Name Record status. The most important is the booking and cancelling. Advance service needs a special assistance from the analyst who provide all the guidelines and confirmation of the booking and cancelations over any media system like through phone or SMS and also in emails. To maintain proper services Indian railways have started a subsidiary which done all the booking and cancellations ob behave of Indian railways. This is designed and applied first on the Kolkata railways. There are other subsidiary than IRCTC but most reliable and ease with work performance is given by IRCTC. They provide a login system before that a sign up registration process so that it becomes easy for the database administrator to maintain the searching and booking and solving all the problems of registered users.

Suppose a customer want to book a ticket in advance and then if his journey got changed he wants to cancel the ticket and eventually there this record from the database helps them to cancel the ticket with refundable money only 10 percent less. All such query is answered through subsidiary in Indian railways.  Kolkata subsidiary are situated in the sub urban areas near the location where eastern railways gets operated. With the help of API the whole database system is maintained there. This concept usually taken from the airlines and then applied firstly in the eastern zonal this is famous for one incident that was happened when one passenger wants to exchange their trip because their train got cancelled. When it was done successfully government gave a thought to apply them in the whole railway system.  

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