Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Information about procedure of seat availability applied by Bangalore railways

Bangalore is the hub for the private sectors and industrialization hence daily there are more than million passengers to the Bangalore. Online booking has somewhat abate the rate of complexity while booking and problems that passengers has to gone through due to no seat availability. The Indian railway subsidiary introduced by Bangalore railways zone will help in searching and maintaining the database of more than thousand trains booking. They work based on the important function that every seat occupied will be managed by the central control which was taken care at Bangalore.

Availability has become a major problem is not managed properly as there are many more other subsidiary that are not authorized for booking the seat. In such cases Indian railways will not allow the passenger to travel but then passengers’ needs to suffer.  South zone is further sub divided into two divisions which manages in accordance with each other.  The one headquarter is at Bangalore and other at Mangalore. Seat are maintained by the counter function which decreases by one as per one booking and if by chance as ticket get cancel it does not get increased by one but in fact when waiting list is reduced by one. There are one more option provided in IRCTC subsidiary for seat availability that RAC which is basically a reservation confirmation without the actual allotment of the seat. 

Charges applied are all same either for confirmed seat or it is RAC or even waiting. The main problem arises here. Hence last decade Bangalore railways has set up a committee of Indian railways experts who discuss about this problem and solved it by adding extra bogies to the train if the RAC peoples are more than 50. After login there are 4 simple steps registered user need to perform which are entering their trip details and search for the train. Second one is choosing the train available which might be fulfilling the query requirements. Third step count for the checking of available numbers of seat and finally booking the ticket by doing the payment. This procedure is easy and followed by the most popular subsidiary of the IRCTC. This procedure is approved by the southern railways as well. One flaw which has done serious scams is the false numbers showing in the site for available numbers of seat. Hence security needs to be increased for the online booking procedure.  Now as this procedure is followed by all the zones of Indian railways there are more than 70 percent of booking done online.


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