Thursday, February 24, 2011

Garib Rath Express Train

Garib Rath Express train is one of the first class train was introduced by the Indian Railways in 2005 by the Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, to offer fully air-conditioned travel for passengers who could not pay the bills expensive air-conditioned luxury trains like Rajdhani and classy Express.Consequently Shatabdi Express, the Garib Rath, whose name denotes the train to the poor, was launched with the services to be fully air-conditioned and moves to a faster than they normally other super-fast high-speed train in motion today. The higher speed of Garib Rath trains is 130 kilometers per hour, which is approximately equal to the highest Rajdhani speed.On the other hand, Garib Rath trains, travelers are not generally equipped with blankets and pillows to sleep and have to pay some additional amount to get those.

The main train journey started from Saharsa, Bihar to Amritsar, Punjab. Enemies and the evaluators noted that both the first trip was selected from two routes commercially insignificant as many local people had transferred Bihari Punjab and origination did Yadav of Bihar to select this course for political gain. Despite the criticisms, the Garib Rath is positive reinforcement, with the capacity of the train arriving at nearly 100% in the off-season times.

Garib Rath trains are also lined up to have many facilities such as refrigerator, microwave ... Also have to run non-stop electronic screen that exihibit the distance that remains, the name of the next season and the expected time to get there. The chambers also were adorned with attractive paintings of Indian origin.

The arrival of Garib Rath has led to more meaningful relationships between trade routes, when these trains run at a speed faster and make fewer stopage, such as the Bandra-Hazrat Express Nizammudin compared to August Kranti Rajdhani Express.

Services currently running Garib Rath

Madrid - Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath

Currently offers the services of these stations

Jabalpur - Central Mumbai Garib Rath Express-going Special weekly

Jabalpur - Mumbai Garibrath Express, which commutes every two weeks

Bhopal - Lucknow Garib Rath "Again, a weekly train

Saharsa - Amritsar via New Delhi and Lucknow What is a train triweekly

Kanpur - Kathogodam near Nainital

Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi - Bandra, Mumbai Tri Weekly

Old Delhi - Varanasi, Lucknow through weekly Tri

Jaipur - Chandigarh (Tri Weekly)

Puri-Howrah and many others. Seeing the success and popularity of these trains Government is planning to launch many more trains on different routes.

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