Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Service of southern railways based on new schemes of Train fares

In India, the whole southern railway zone is controlled by the Chennai railways as Chennai railways is the oldest railway zone and biggest one since British sovereign. It was the first to be created after the independence of India. Although southern railways are divided in six division but headquarter is in Chennai. Moreover more than half a thousand million passengers take a trip on this whole network of six divisions. Hence now more effective and some new schemes are needed to be applied for the train fares. Concessionary soon after the Indian independence has been applied to the railway fares. Since then they have not been updated and now with the advancements seen in the entire field they require some more service schemes to be applied.

In additional to new services and schemes there are small and more innovative ideas to be applied over the train fares in the southern region which should be purchased by the people satisfying their condition and criteria of their journey. This is must to be applied soon because now privatization has increased to limits and in summon of the new budget there is a rumor that Chennai railways are also going to be privatized. These projects of the southern railways consist of two phases. The first phase covers an area of near about 45 km which was already start way back in last decade and second phase is projected to be accomplished till 2014-2015.

Fares charged over the Chennai trains are much more feasible and under budget of the common man plus they are ought to provide more schemes and discount option with the fares. As now online booking has increased a lot, there are some services attached to the online booking to just reduce the fares or even provide some kind of gift along with it. Sponsorship like advertising along with the booking will give the benefits and profit which can adds to the discount for the fares schemes. There is also an option of giving virtual points to the online booking which can be in-cash for the goods brand or even in the petroleum business as well. Moreover share market is also attached through these points which can be another way to provide discount. All these services contribute to the fare box recovery ratio which is basically a transport system in India and cover 30-40 percent of America and Europe.  Validity for the discount on the fares are limited and hence new and more effective scheme are need to be tossed in the fare business within equal interval of time.

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