Monday, February 21, 2011

Services For International Tourism

Tourism departments around the world are placed in different major cities across India. In Northern Railway these are in Kolkata, Bangalore, Varanasi, Mumbai, New Delhi, Basque-Da-Gama, etc.
New Delhi, Varanasi and Jodhpur agencies known as the International Agency for Tourism. International Tourist Office in New Delhi from 8th functions, clock in the morning to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and holiday, is the Sunday which is open from 8 am to 2 pm. Train travel outside Delhi Tourism and Transportation Reserve Development Corporation is at Indra Gandhi International Airport at lobby. These counters offer help travelers abroad and non-Indians on the research, booking tickets and travel planning.
International Tourism Offices provide the tickets to foreign tourists and non-resident Indians have legal identification from the money in U.S. dollars, pounds sterling and rupee and are not card receivables. Indrail passes are also available in these offices, which provide a traveler on a trip anywhere you want, anytime you want and what trains he wants within the authorized period. One problem that can arise is that pass does not guarantee Indrail retained his place.

Foreign tourists can also buy Indrail pass sales agents for all selected use abroad and train travel agents selected India.Foreign tourism allocation has been made available separately in all classes and approximately all trains for the benefit of travelers.

A traveler can get tickets from Indrail passes is available at any workplace of the railway in the Indian railways.

To find no research on the use of Indrail passes and remote services to tourists, travelers should contact at: -

Indiarail Pass

To discover the magnificence of India's many faces, passing Indrail exceptional price available and increases the attraction of foreign holidays. Indrail Passes offer visitors travel services according to your convenience. There is no restriction on the routes during the validity of the ticket. The Indrail passes also offer short-term visits to travelers is an additional attraction. These passes are available for half-day, 2 days and 4 days for the convenience of travelers come to India through international travel and goes to only one or two near locations. General Sales Agents abroad take responsibility for selling passes Indrail. A few outlets are in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Oman, Australia, Germany, Finland, etc.

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