Sunday, February 20, 2011

Konkan Railways

A labyrinth of tunnels 

The journey is more than impressive and unforgettable. While traveling by train in a high embankment, suddenly found a tunnel that is over 3 km. During the winter, a stream bursts below and in the summers you can find the red earth snakes. Passengers need to catch my breath for a while, about 50 above the ground, the train moves down another tunnel, which is more than 6 kilometers long. This takes about 3 minutes and then the train left. The scenic beauty of the river Panval leaves you spellbound.

The Konkan Railway is the largest railway project in the developed world over the past 5 years. This railway project is around Rs. 2,000 million rupees and is connected to the coastal areas of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, which provides a surprising view of the west coast of India-subcontinent.

These railways network is expanding at a rapid rate of 1,000 kilometers, the railway network was started from Boribunder of Thane in 1853. In 1907, the broad gauge started in the south and gradually came to Mangalore.

In 1882, a survey was conducted along the estuaries on strike, and during the monsoon, rice fields became lakes, making it very difficult for engineers. There is an endless chain of hills of Western Ghats, where several rivers empty into the Arabian Sea.

Since 1991, 25,000 workers worked day and night to destroy the rocks that are among the Ghats in the east and the Arabian Sea. Had to face many difficulties such as inhalation of polluted air from underground wells was quiet harmful.

The entire west coast of India-subcontinent has depended on a single arterial road is the road 17. This road is completely damaged due to rain. Konkan Railway has become an important alternative in the intersection of this belt. The Konkan Railway, which stretches from Mumbai is a broad gauge single line, it moves through areas that are among Manglore and Roha. This is a full distance of the 750-km of which 382 km is in Maharashtra state, 105 kilometers in the state of Goa and 263 kilometers in the state of Karnataka.

There are as many as 53 stations on this line, the most important stations are Khed, Veer, Chiplun, Rajapur Road, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Goa, Udupi, Mapusa Road, Mangalore, among others. Konkan Railway has built strong ties with Kerala in southern Karnataka. This line is extended to Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) and Kochi (Cochin). 

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