Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Fairy Queen-Luxury Train

The Fairy Queen is a unique initiative undertaken by the Indian Railways. The steam engine has the characteristic of being the oldest of the function. Currently, the fairy queen takes travelers on an exciting and fascinating journey from Delhi to Alwar in Rajasthan. The tour also involved visits to the Sariska wildlife sanctuary.


The steam engine was built in 1855 by Kitson, Thompson and Hewitson engineers for the Eastern Railway of India. The engine entered service in the course of Howrah Ranigunj, and was named 'Fairy Queen' in 1895. In 1971, first shown at the National Railway Museum. After tactics are being finalized for the restoration, repair work was completed in 1996 at the Integral Coach Factory, Perumbur. Finally, the fairy queen was added as a resource for tourism in India on July 18, 1997, making its inaugural trip from Delhi to Alwar profitable.

The plan has received much acclaim, including the National Tourism Award for most innovative tourism project in January 1999. The Fairy Queen has confirmed the world's oldest locomotive working Guinness Book of Records.


The Fairy Queen has two cars with air conditioning consists of a dining car for passengers with a capacity of 50 sitting room and a pantry car. The relaxed seat of the taverns and large windows add to the whole experience. Unlike other luxury trains in India, there is no accommodation facility on board the Fairy Queen.

Passengers are taken to the historic sites of New Delhi, the charming town of Alwar in Rajasthan, and the Sariska wildlife sanctuary known insurance, which is also a tiger reserve. That starts from Delhi Cantonment railway station every second and fourth Saturday of October and March.

First Day In 10 to 00 hours in the morning the train departs from Delhi Cantonment station

At 4 pm the train arrives at the train station Alwar. Around 4.20 of the Alwar train output on a bus with air conditioning. At 5.30 the tourists checking in at the Sariska Palace hotel. At 8 pm there is a special, cultural followed by dinner.

Second Day - Close at 6.30 am, the Jeep Safari takes you to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. Around 9 we return to the Sariska Tiger Reserve and breakfast is served in the Hotel Den Tigre. The air-conditioned coach takes you to the train station Alwar. The train leaves from Alwar to 1 pm and five hours of travel we reach the Delhi Cantonment station 

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