Thursday, February 24, 2011

General Regulation of Railways in India

Indicating the number of seats: - travelers have confirmed reserves are allocated places at the time of booking. The details and the number of moorings listed on the ticket. The layout is different for the coaches of the ACC for the first CAC and first class seats are assigned when the chart is prepared.

RESERVATION AGAINST CANCELLATION (RAC): - The passengers have reserved seats and those who are named in RAC that they can get the berths only to the cancellation of the entries.

BOOK STOP WHEN WORK: - Travelers can get the reservation four hours before the scheduled departure of the train. After that the reservation of tickets is made in the current counters in the stations that can only be done one hour before the scheduled departure of the train.

STATION RESERVE TRANSITION: - The reserve can also be made from intermediate stations.
a. Passengers can get a reservation for any class of intermediate stations, these stations have not computer center of the reservation.

CANCELLATION OF RESERVATION FOR LATE ARRIVAL OF PASSENGER: - The Railway Administration may terminate the seats reserved for a passenger, if the respective passengers not to climb up to 15 minutes before your scheduled train departure. This seat is then assigned to other passengers on the priority.

BOARDING POINT alter: - If a traveler wants to live in accommodation booking from any station, then the permission is granted to drag in any half-way station he chooses, regardless of the extent of the initial station. Below are the conditions applicable to it: -

i. The remedy should be given in writing at that place where the ticket is purchased and a reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train.

ii. The Railway Administration has certain rights to this type of accommodation from the station of origin to the station so that the traveler has to go.

iii. The return of the money will not allow passengers in the trip that is not carried out by them.  

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