Friday, November 18, 2016

The new systems at stations help know the rail availability

After the huge success of the IVRS system and the online portal system, now the railway board has come up with a new idea. The IVRS system was a system which required a telephone line. The person used to follow the instructions of the computerized voice and responded accordingly to know the rail availability and the train timings, etc. Then came the online portal; system which used the internet facility to book the tickets and tell the information about the trains and all. But this system despite of all its huge advantages lacked in one feature. If the person wants the information about any train and he doesn’t have a computer or internet facility it was almost impossible for him to know the required info. Thus a new system was launched in some major cities of our country for the convenience of the common man.

This new system was an interactive machine just like the ATM machine. The person has to enter the instructions using a touch screen and a keypad. After processing he will get the required information then and there. For example if someone desired the information of the Garibrath booking that he did from the online portal, he just needed to go to the desired options using the touch screen and then selecting the appropriate information by entering the Garibrath booking information he has on his ticket. This system gives immediate information of the rail availability, the waiting lists or confirmed lists, the arrival timings, the new timings if any train is late, etc. It is a system which derives its sources from the centralized database system to which it is connected.

Some people might be confused about the advantages of such system but it has been observed that this system is by far the best method of inquiry when the internet and phone services are not available. Although this system cannot be used for reservations of tickets, it is still a very useful system in the entire context mentioned above. The railway board and the experts and engineers of the railways are working very hard to bring more and more facilities with this single system. There was a slight disapproval of this machine and this system at the railways stations when this system was first introduced as some doubted its usability, but now that this machine has gained popularity, it will be implemented in more stations with some more changes that will prove to be more useful.

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