Friday, November 18, 2016

Receive A Grand Welcome From Indian Railway In Garibrath Where A Hassle-Free Travel Experience Is Waiting For You

Indian railway services have introduced so many premier trains now and they are successfully running among various states. Garibrath Express is one of them. This train is available for common man and woman at reasonable rates in comparison to high-class trains which are meant for elite-class people only. The services of Garibrath are mainly between Bihar and Punjab. But, this sophisticated train is also taking routes to other important cities of India like Bhopal, Jammu Tawi, Kochuveli, Ajmer and Sitamarhi. The amenities and accommodations of this train is of modern class and with all advanced electronic equipment are there in the coaches.

India's cities, outback, coastal towns and local areas are all connected with railways now. Experiencing Indian train services means getting in to a land of diversity with unforgettable and spectacular journeys. Right from a few years back, the ministry of this department is focusing more on delivering hassle-free train services to common people especially. Indian government has introduced now a host of train services which are air-conditioned and affordable even for passengers who could not afford buying tickets for top-class trains like Rajdhani Express. Premier train services have been introduced to give faster, comfortable and reasonable services even to lower-class people.

One of these "Poor Man's Chariots" is Garibrath Express which was on track in the year 2005. Garibrath comes with the faster speed with 130km/h which is not less than the top speed of Rajdhani and Shatabdi. This super fast train as a common people’s friend connects notable cities like Saharsa in Bihar and Amritsar in Punjab. When the train started its journey, there were controversies and critical reviews from different sources that this train is provided only for political purposes. Mostly, critics stated that the train is favorable for working class of Bihari people especially who have migrated to Punjab and who hold some strong note from politically powered Yadav family.

Whatever it is, Garibrath Express is now one of the most popular trains in India and it is getting positive feedback from citizens. The train is equipped with all sophisticated and modern amenities like fridge, microwave oven, toaster, television sets and fan. Also, a passenger can get a continuous display of an electronic board that will show current and next stations’ names, distance remaining, expected time to get there, temperature and guidelines for passengers. All coaches are decorated with famous and beautiful paintings from ancient and modern Indian artists which are like an art exhibition in railways

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