Tuesday, November 8, 2016

E-Ticketing: advanced and effective way to search trains Info

From the history of the Indian railways there is maintained the services and facilities that holds the second position of the Indian railways. With technology there come many subsidiaries too for the online booking and cancellation of the train’s ticket. This whole process along with other facilities like trains info are included by IRCTC which is the only authorized subsidiary of the Indian railways. Advanced technology added in the IRCTC is the E-ticket facility. This is printed in the read only mode which is authorized by the Indian government and allowed too.

Another important thing is that with the help of the PNR number one can easily get the latest status of their booking and trains booking conditions with seat availabilities as well. Moreover searching is also become easy and less complex with this online booking subsidiary. At the time when it needs to be checked by the TT, you can simply show this E-ticket on your phone with a proper and valid identity card along with it.

A person can take the photo of the ticket reservation system into his mobile and show it with a valid identity card. This photo of the ticket is computer generated image which is known as E-ticket. To save paper new technology which is applied is the SMS tickets where one single SMS will do the work which earlier one complete ticket were required.

For the convenience of the common man, the Railway Board has uploaded all the necessary information, rules etc on the website of Indian railways. They have also given proper step to follow for how to book the ticket search for the train info and act according fulfilling their criteria. E-ticket is more effective because it makes booking process online and provides 24x7. User guides are provided in every site for the railways booking. Train information like source station their halt in the intermediate stations along with the time durations are also available 24x7. There is more functionality like now recently an Indian railway tells the current position of the running train. This information really helps the customer to manage their time.

In all, comparing with the decade ago booking style, now hours time are reduced to minutes with saving time, resources and less complexity. This functionality only needs the internet and they also save travelling money and time. The Indian government is also benefited with this as from the advertising and sponsorships with a little extra, merely 10 rupees extra per online booking are deducted from the account.

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