Saturday, August 24, 2013

Track washed out again, rail traffic on Delhi route hit

Around 30-metre up line trains pathway in Magardoh-Barbatpur part under centered trains Nagpur partition was washed away early Friday morning due to hefty rains in Madhya Pradesh. The occurrence, a repeat of alike development near Sindi last month, has hit train action on north-south route.

Due to cleaning away of track on up-line (Delhi to Nagpur), traffic was diverted on down line since 5.45am on Friday influencing train movement. Daily at least 30 up and down teaches move on this path.

Pressure on lone track has led to diversion of 4 express trains 12791 Secunderabad-Patna, 12625 Thiruvanathapuram-Delhi Kerala articulate, 12269 Chennai-Nizamuddin and 12803 Vishakapattnam-Nizamuddin. The teaches went by Badnera-Bhusawal-Itarsi on Friday evening. Freight train traffic too was redirected.

Diversion of trains commanded to sudden hurry at Nagpur station and panic amidst travellers. Many passengers going to Delhi were accommodated in Chhattisgarh articulate. "More trains are expected to be redirected if the track is not fixed by Saturday forenoon. Looking at the accident site, it seems improbable that the pathway, which is virtually hanging, will be refurbished by morning," said officials.

Divisional trains supervisor (DRM) Brijesh Dixit along with older agents hurried to the spot to supervise the procedures. PRO PD Patil acquainted piece of the bridge's base over Machna stream caved in due to incessant rainfall. At smallest 15 sleepers were washed away in the flooded stream while an overhead electric powered (OHE) beam was uprooted.

Over 170 employees are employed to refurbish the track. Patil said 18 wagons with boulders, sand and other material have been transported to the mishap location. in addition to, 80 such wagons have been kept prepared. Passengers have been appealed to contact helpline (0712-2564343) for information.

A alike tragedy had hit the Central Railway in July when 500 metres of up and down tracks were cleaned away at Sindi trains on Nagpur-Mumbai route. agents said urgent situation is not so critical now as one pathway is open.

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