Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Now book your pizza on train Excursion / Journey

Now book your pizza or pasta through Internet before boarding a train and food will be consigned at your chair throughout the excursion.

Much to the great pleasure of train passengers, the trains Ministry has decided to launch a navigate task of registration meals through Internet in chosen teaches on Delhi-Jammu and Delhi-Amritsar route.

"We are trying to supply a kind of repasts to passengers throughout train excursion and for this we will soon be having an arrangement with some well liked nourishment chains," said a older trains Ministry authorized engaged with the project.

As per the suggestion, a passenger will be offered to publication his meal by giving his name, coach and berth number of the train on an Internet booking location and the nourishment will be delivered at his seat at a particular position.

"There will be alternatives like biryani, pizza, pasta, burger and sandwiches among others which are else not available in pantry vehicles of teaches. Some reputed nourishment outlets will be roped in to cater to the claims of passengers," said the official, adding "payment will be made after consignment of food."

although, the official clarified that the service is not meant for Rajdhanis, Durontos and Shatabdis because the fares encompass the food served in these teaches.

A meeting was held at Rail Bhawan last week with agents of CRIS and IRCTC to discover the possibility of registration meals through Internet.

It was determined at the meeting that a navigate project for registration repasts through Internet would be commenced on a couple of chosen teaches on Delhi-Jammu and Delhi-Amritsar paths to start with, said the authorized.

The authorized further said that a conclusion will be taken shortly if to conceive a new location or to supply a separate link on the existing permit registration location of the IRCTC for it. A supplier bureau will also be selected for providing consignment service on trains through a tendering process.

Currently about 10 lakh passengers avail catering facility every day at positions and trains, while 302 Mail and Express trains have pantry cars.

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