Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Indian Railways to supply advisers with Braille stickers by October

In a first, a railway adviser is being arranged with Braille-embedded signages to facilitate visually-challenged travellers.

"The first prototype coach with Braille stickers is anticipated to be turned out here in October 2013 for repsonse from visually impaired persons," an official said.

The non-AC accepted adviser manufactured in the Integrated Coach manufacturer (ICF) at Chennai will have Braille stickers on berth, lavatory, wash basin and doorways as well.

"The Braille stickers are placed accordingly after discussion with the constituents of blind association in the capital," said the authorized, supplementing, "It is a important step for facilitation of visually weakened passengers throughout train excursion as part of trains' communal firm pledge to make the national transporter more friendly towards specially abled passengers."

actually advisers are supplied with signage, instructions, seat numbers which are mostly in the form of vinyl stickers or metallic plates and have no Braille individual features and will not be read by visually weakened travellers. Now it is designed to use stickers with metallic groundwork with published characters embedded into it.

The Braille sticker for visually challenged individuals was announced in the Rail allowance 2013-14.

As per the design, more advisers will have braille stickers in due coarse.

ICF, a output unit of the Railways, has evolved the specification for integrated Braille signages in coaches in consultations with blind associations and input obtained from study Design and measures Organisation (RDSO) and handed out to the Railways.

Braille publishing will be superimposed on these stickers and identical can be utilised by both a individual with normal vision and visually weakened individual. With embedded image or individual features, there would not be any defacing even on recurring contacts or wiping. Flexible metal foil base and adhesive backing on these stickers make them very simple to install on flat as well as on bent exterior of the coach.

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