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List of All Garibrath and Yuva Trains

 Garib Rath Express Trains: Amongst the leading trains of India, Garib Rath was introduced by Indian Railways in year 2005 by then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. The train was began to supply fully AC (air conditioned) rail travel to all or any those travellers who can’t afford expensive fares of totally AC stylish and posh trains like Shatabadi and Rajdhani Express. because the name itself says, Garib Rath trains denoted to economically weaker section. The train was started with the services of being fully AC and moving at a quicker pace than normally different super fast trains moving in current times.

The highest speed is sort of one hundred thirty km/hour that is sort of same as Rajdhani train. The maiden voyage of Garib Rath Express commenced from Saharsa in Bihar to Amritsar in Punjab. Critics and evaluators alike noted that the first voyage was selected between 2 commercially not thus necessary routes as various folks of Bihar had transfered to Punjab and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s origination from Bihar led him opt for this route for his political advantages. Despite all criticism, Garib Rath received accolades, with train’s capability reaching nearly 100% in off-season times.

Garib Rath Express trains are lined up to own various facilities like microwave oven, fridge etc. They’ll even have non stop running electronic show where distance left, the name of consecutive station and approximate time to succeed in there'll be shown. The coaches will be beautified with pretty paintings portraying Indian heritage.

The introduction of Garib Rath Express has enhanced relations between commercially vital routes, where of these trains run comparatively at the next speed and create few halts. On seeing most success and recognition of Garib Rath Express trains Indian Government has planned to introduce additional such trains on completely different routes.

Below is the list of all Garib Rath Express Trains and Yuva Trains :

06539 Yesvantpur Sainagar Shirdi Garibarath Exp.
06540 Sainagar Shirdi Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
08469 Puri Bangalore Garibarath Exp.
08470 Bangalore Puri Garibarath Exp.
12113 Pune Nagpur Garibarath Exp.
12114 Nagpur Pune Garibarath Exp.
12187 Jabalpur Mumbai Garibarath Exp.
12188 Mumbai Jabalpur Garibarath Exp.
12201 Lokmanyatilak Kochuveli Garibarath Exp.
12202 Kochuveli Lokmanyatilak Garibarath Exp.
12203 Saharsa Amritsar Garibarath Exp.
12204 Amritsar Saharsa Garibarath Exp.
12207 Kathgodam Jammu Tawi Garibarath Exp.
12208 Jammu Tawi Kathgodam Garibarath Exp.
12209 Kanpur Kathgodam Garibarath Exp.
12210 Kathgodam Kanpur Garibarath Exp.
12211 Bapudm Motihari Anand Vihar Garibarath Exp.
12212 Anand Vihar Bapudm Motihari Garibarath Exp.
12215 Delhi Bandra Garibarath Exp.
12216 Bandra Delhi S Rohilla Garibarath Exp.
12247 Bandra H Nizamuddin Yuva Exp.
12248 H Nizamuddin Bandra Yuva Exp.
12249 Howrah New Delhi Yuva Exp.
12250 New Delhi HowrahYuva Exp.
12255 Yesvantpur Puducherry Garibarath Exp.
12256 Puducherry Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
12257 Yesvantpur Kochuveli Garibarath Exp.
12258 Kochuveli Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
12353 Bhagalpur H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12354 Anand Vihar Bhagalpur Garibarath Exp.
12359 Kolkata Patna Garibarath Exp.
12360 Patna Kolkata Garibarath Exp.
12517 Kolkata Guwahati Garibarath Exp.
12518 Guwahati Kolkata Garibarath Exp.
12535 Lucknow Raipur Garibarath Exp.
12536 Raipur Lucknow Garibarath Exp.
12551 Varanasi Anand Vihar Garibarath Exp.
12552 Anand Vihar Varanasi Garibarath Exp.
12569 Jaynagar H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12570 Anand Vihar Jaynagar Garibarath Exp.
12611 Chennai H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12612 H Nizamuddin Chennai Garibarath Exp.
12735 Secunderabad Yesvantpur Garibarath Exp.
12736 Yesvantpur Secunderabad Garibarath Exp.
12739 Vishakapatnam Secunderabad Garibarath Exp.
12740 Secunderabad Vishakapatnam Garibarath Exp.
12831 Dhanbad Bhubaneswar Garibarath Exp.
12832 Bhubaneswar Dhanbad Garibarath Exp.
12877 Ranchi New Delhi Garibarath Exp.
12878 New Delhi Ranchi Garibarath Exp.
12881 Howrah Puri Garibarath Exp.
12882 Puri Howrah Garibarath Exp.
12909 Bandra H Nizamuddin Garibarath Exp.
12910 H Nizamuddin Bandra Garibarath Exp.
12983 Jaipur Chandigarh Garibarath Exp.
12984 Chandigarh Jaipur Garibarath Exp.

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