Wednesday, January 25, 2012

List of All Duronto Express Trains

Duronto Express Trains: another set of specialized trains by Indian Railways is solely an impressive thanks to travel quick and in complete comfort across the country. Duronto Express could be a non-stop purpose to purpose rail service. Such quite train service has been introduced for the second time in Indian Railways history. Duronto Express is India’s fastest trains covering supply to the destination distance non-stop with solely few major crew and technical stoppages within the journey. The facilities offered in Duronto Express trains are one amongst the most effective by Indian Railways. The trains mainly includes of five totally different categories of accommodations - initial AC, Three-tier AC, Two-tier AC, Economy and Sleeper category (available in Howrah-Yeshwantapur and Mumbai-Nagpur Duronto).

The coaches of Duronto are painted with splashes of colors and are regarding twenty four metres long as compared to the opposite regular coaches that are of regarding twenty two.3 metres length. sensible quality chrome steel has been used to create the coaches. The coaches are well equipped with management discharge rest room system, superior sound and thermal insulation and center buffer coupler to run longer trains. The coaches have well-fitted with air springs rather than coil springs, therefore offers nice riding expertise even at higher speeds.

The passenger service of Duronto Express includes a good pantry automobile that gives meals whose value is included within the train price tag itself. Moreover, the fares are less in comparison to different Express trains running on the similar routes. And on some long-term Duronto Express trains, there’s conjointly Doctors on board.

Below is the list of all Duronto Express Trains :
12221 Pune Howrah Duronto Exp.
12222 Howrah Pune Duronto Exp.
12245 Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Exp.
12246 Yesvantpur Howrah Duronto Exp.
12259 Sealdah New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12260 New Delhi Sealdah Duronto Exp.
12261 Mumbai CST Howrah Duronto Exp.
12262 Howrah Mumbai CST Duronto Exp.
12263 Pune H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12264 H Nizamuddin Pune Duronto Exp.
12265 Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto Exp.
12266 Jammu Tawi Delhi S Rohilla Duronto Exp.
12267 Mumbai central Ahmedabad Duronto Exp.
12268 Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Duronto Exp.
12269 Chennai Central H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12270 H Nizamuddin Chennai Central Duronto Exp.
12271 Lucknow New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12272 New Delhi Lucknow Duronto Exp.
12273 Howrah New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12274 New Delhi Howrah Duronto Exp.
12275 Allahabad New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12276 New Delhi Allahabad Duronto Exp.
12277 Howrah Puri Duronto Exp.
12278 Puri Howrah Duronto Exp.
12281 Bhubaneswar New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12282 New Delhi Bhubaneswar Duronto Exp.
12283 Eranakulam H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12284 H Nizamuddin Eranakulam Duronto Exp.
12285 Secunderabad H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12286H Nizamuddin Secunderabad jnDuronto Exp.
12289 Mumbai CST Nagpur Duronto Exp.
12290 Nagpur Mumbai CST Duronto Exp.
12847 Howrah Digha Flag Stn Duronto Exp.
12848 Digha Flag Stn Howrah Duronto Exp.

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