Saturday, February 19, 2011

Railways of India Tourism in India by trains

Indian Railways (IR) is a railroad company, the owner of this company is the government of India. Created on 16 April 1853, Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks and the world's busiest. It runs in 28 cities and a union territory, involving nearly 6909 stations in India. It conducts more than 9,000 trains carrying 18 million passengers between cities on a daily basis.

The Indian Railways operates many trains categories ranging from long-distance trains real short-distance electric trains. The Railways of India has been separated into 7 zones for the purposes of the organization.

The train is often a superior mode of travel, especially to visit places in India as it gives you the opportunity to see peculiar cities and small towns that are otherwise lost by tourists.

India Railways is necessary to book in advance for all long distance trains. Asks the Indian Railways passengers a complete list of destinations and trains to choose from. You can then use the IR calendar and schedule to choose the name of the train, the time and check availability of train tickets. Train tickets can be booked easily by using the IR services e-booking or over the counter at the railway stations. To book train tickets and use other services offered by Indian Railways, IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism), an initiative of the Ministry of Indian Railways, is also widely used. It is a one stop platform offering many services such as e-ticketing (online booking train tickets), tourist trains, concerts and rail packages and car rental bookings. It has a 24 hour call center to welcome any questions or queries about train schedules, reservations and travel bookings.

The reservation status of Indian Railways ticket can easily tell by checking the status of the NRP. PNR number is ten digits and is printed on the top left of the entrance. PNR status can be verified by the introduction of this issue online at the IR website or by sending the number of SMS with a code of special short infrared or by calling the call center / phone number free of charge.

The Indian Railways also operates special luxury trains to selected destinations across India. The list of luxury trains include the Palace on Wheels ', which will take you through a real fascinating journey through Agra and Rajasthan,' Deccan Odyssey ', a trip to Mumbai, Goa and Ajanta Caves,' Royal Rajasthan on Wheels ", which is that through a majestic journey through Rajasthan and many more.

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  1. Thank you very much to share a great information that Indian Railway is connecting running Tourist destination with train s like Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheel and Deccan Odyssey.