Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fairy Queen Train Heritage

The oldest steam locomotives in operation in the world, the fairy queen was on his first voyage in 1855 the last train in India. And rightly so, the fairy queen these days has the Guinness world record to be known as the oldest locomotive in regular operation. It earlier used to travel on the Howrah-Raniganj line and later in Bihar until 1908. In July 1997, the railroad resumed its fuction India as a heritage train from Delhi to Alwar and from there passengers are taken to the world famous Sariksa Wildlife Sanctuary. Works on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the months of October to March.

The Fairy Queen has one AC chair car coach, which can provide housing for approximately 50 passengers. There is also a pantry car attached to provide catering services to passengers lucky
The locations covered by the train from Delhi, Alwar and the famous Sariska tiger reserve. The two-days and one night is an attractive gift for all lovers of nature and is definitely worth visiting at least once in their life.

Fairy Queen Cultural Programs
The Fairy Queen is a very famous heritage railway Railways of India from Delhi to Alwar in Rajasthan and return to Delhi. Throughout his historical journey on the train, several cultural events are predisposed to increase the happiness of his trip. The enrichment of highlights of the Fairy Queen train travel are:
Delhi: Travel audacious fairy queen begins in Delhi, known for its Mughal and British architecture. You can enjoy shopping in places like Chandni Chowk heritage or the Street of the Silversmiths near the famous Red Fort and Connaught Place sophisticated built in the British period.

Alwar: Tourists are received in the conventional method of Rajasthan in its entry into the Alwar railway station. This cheerful and vibrant women dressed welcome them with garlands of flowers and tilaks.
Siliserh, cultural evening at the Lake Palace: The fate of the passengers of the Queen of the Fairies pleasure in traditional Rajasthani folk dances as Kalbelia or snake dance, Terah Thali and dance of the thirteen dishes here. Additional attractions include cultural performances and puppet dramas of people describing the legends of this region.

Cultural program in Sariska: Sariska travelers in are greeted with warmth and generosity in the usual style of Rajasthani with garlands of flowers and Tilke. In the Sariska Palace hotel a cultural evening is set for your enjoyment. lively concert of lively folk dances of Rajasthan are never at a height that will captivate you.
Luxury Trains of India provides the Fairy Queen journey to discover the wildlife of Sariska unusual and illuminating the beauty of Rajasthan

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