Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Discover India Railways

Indian Subcontinent takes you to a new adventure, this exciting trip includes diverse cultures, landscapes and glorious past of the country. Be part of the sparkling diversity of India and feel the fun of unraveling mysteries and be close to nature. The best way to go to various destinations in India is moving by train.

The Indian Railway System is the second largest rail system in the world, more than 62,300 kilometers of track you down from 7,000 stations. At present, this system offers the best train service is also installing splendid hotels on wheels with the services of five star hotels. India's rail takes passengers to their seats.

History of Railways in India
railways in India was established by the British. It was in 1853 that the first train that ran on tracks in India. This was a train with 14 wagons and had about 400 people, this train left Bori Bunder to Thane (Bombay), a salute of 21 guns was on this occasion. The three engines namely Sindh and Sultan Sahib is carried. The trip was completed in one hour and fifteen minutes. This is the first commercial passenger service was known in India. In fact, Thomason, a steam locomotive was used to transport construction material in Roorkee.

Malvinas was the second locomotive that arrived in India. This has been taken in the use of GIPR contractors to perform their switching operations. This was later known as GIPR loco # 9. The third locomotive came to India was of Vulcan, said that this locomotive was used by the GIPR to maneuver and transport equipment.

In 1853 the first passenger train left the station and went to Howrah Hooghly, which is at a distance of 24 miles. The opening of the railway therefore started from the far east.

In 1856 the first line was opened by the Madras Railway Company. This line ran between Walajah Road and Veyasarpandy, ie at a distance of 63 miles. The year 1959 marked the beginning of the railways in the north. The first line was laid from Allahabad to Kanpur, which was 119 miles long. In 1857 the first part of Hathras road to Mathura Cantonment was opened. These were some steps to develop the rail network in India.

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